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04/09/2014  · Branch: master. Find file Copy path spec / Spec.md. Find file Copy path tmaher Make base64 references more explictly "base64url" 0250c59 Sep 4, 2014. 2 contributors. Users who have contributed to this file 124 lines (90 sloc) 3.89 KB Raw Blame History. Fernet Spec. This document describes version 0x80 (currently the only version) of the fernet format.

Extension blocks were a later proposal, also from Lau in 2017, which revised many of the ideas of the original proposal. Specification. Extension blocks devise a second layer on top of canonical bitcoin blocks in which a miner will commit to the merkle root of an additional block of transactions.


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@@ -70,8 +70,8 @@ OP_RETURN 0x24 0xaa21a9ef[32-byte-merkle-root] The commitment serialization and discovery rules follows the same rules defined: in BIP141.

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This specification defines peer services for extension blocks. Extension blocks defines a new service bit (service bit 5) to signal whether extension blocks is supported by the remote node. To avoid an enormous amount of orphan transactions on non-upgraded nodes, upgraded nodes shall respond with a.

B.1Pull Requests; B.2`master` is unsafe; B.3Issues; B.4Coding Style; B.5License.

How spec-md works](http://g.gravizo.com/svg? digraph specmd { markdown.

Extension blocks soft-fork specification. Contribute to hoffmabc/extension-blocks development by creating an account on GitHub.

Spec.md At Master · Tothemoon

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