A Fork Too Far? Bitpico Cancels Segwit2x… Again

8 Nov 2017.

The controversial SegWit2x fork has been suspended indefinitely,

that transaction fees are still high and that Bitcoin scaling “is far from solved”: “Nobody is actually using bitcoin as currency though, so I guess they.

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SEGWIT2X still COMING?!! The Hard Fork NOT cancelled??!!9 Nov 2017.

The highly contentious hardfork, which was considered an upgrade to.

as news broke that the Segwit2x hard fork had been canceled.

Meanwhile, many of the altcoin markets surged by 20% or more, suggesting that the pullback in.

It has worked so far for the last eight years, and there is no reason why.

9 Nov 2017.

Leading up to the proposed split, a number of traders confidently snapped up B2X futures, going so far as to boast of their.

Breaking News: Segwit2x Fork Cancelled On a day that was high on drama for everyone in bitcoin, Bitpico's statement, which.

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A Fork Too Far? Bitpico Cancels Segwit2x… Again

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