Spice Vc Review

Ratings and STO listing information for SPiCE VC (SPiCE). STO start date is Feb 01, 2018. VCs invest in startups that disrupt industries and reinvent the world we live in, generating billions of dollars in the process. So it’s remarkable to see how the world of venture capital itself has remained untouched by technology for so many years.

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19 Oct 2017.

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30 Sep 2017.

SPiCE VC is launching a fully-regulated venture capital company for the blockchain industry. Find out how it works today in our review. What Is.

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other updates, as it has been two years since the original Information Memorandum was published. For full details please review the investment documents.

SPiCE VC. 132 likes. Disrupting Venture Capital with the Blockchain.

SPiCE is a digital securities ecosystem leader. 1st fund focusing on the tokenization ecosystem. 1st fully tokenized VC Fund. 4th ever Security Token. 1st digital security issued on a globally compliant digital security issuance platform. 1st digital security to trade on a regulated platform (OpenFinance Network)

We revolutionized the way venture capital is raised and managed with a liquid tokenized fund.

SPiCE VC uses the Ethereum blockchain to host its ERC20 compliant tokens which act as digital securities, making sure every investor gets their share of the exits when they occur. As tradeable assets, these tokens are asset-backed, liquid and will be available for trade on an open exchange.

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Spice Vc Review

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