About Us

How It Works

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    Tell us about your project by completing the Launch A Project brief, pay the listing fee of $18, and your project can be live in a couple of hot seconds.

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    You’ll be assigned an official Barnacle Producer who will manage the pitches you receive from creative professionals in order to assemble the right team, custom quote and timeline for your video

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    Approve the team, timeline and budget for your project - you also have the opportunity to invite any creative on Barnacle that you think might be a good fit. At this point we ask you to pay the full budget into escrow so that both parties can work together with confidence.

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    Our Barnacle Producer will setup a launch call with you to review project details and just like that production on your video is underway.

Who We Are

Barnacle is a video platform that let’s you plug into a diverse network of creative professionals to produce videos or advertise around the videos that they’ve already made. Our mission is to change the way that brands and organizations make (and use) videos.

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    Amy Rubin

    I started Barnacle as a way to streamline the process of making videos for our clients. Barnacle makes the entire experience more transparent and integrated with our network of creatives so we can produce the best and most marketable product for your price-point and specific goals.

    “ There are two types of people in the world: work horses and show ponies. I'm a work pony. “